ADIT North America

Reduce Uncertainty

ADIT North America is a leader in economic intelligence, risk management & business diplomacy.

The ADIT Advantage.
In North America.

ADIT Group – the European Leader in Strategic Intelligence – has built over 25 years’ experience based on trust, service excellence, and high ethical standards. At the heart of our mission is the elimination of risk associated with international operations and the ability to help you reduce the uncertainty related to growing your business or investment opportunities in North America and around the world. With over 700 employees, ADIT Group serves more than 500 clients worldwide, including multinational groups, companies, investment funds, institutions, and SMEs.

ADIT North America mobilizes more than 200 industry- and country-specific analysts and a global network of over 1000 experts and correspondents providing unparalleled on-the-ground intelligence in more than 130 countries. ADIT North America is the global strategic guide for companies, sub-national governments and investment funds navigating a complex global market at a time of de-globalization, rising ESG demands, reputational risks, and supply chain uncertainty. 

ADIT North America and its international affiliates in ADIT Group bring global reach for North American clients operating around the world while providing expertise in the Americas for European and international clients.