ADIT North America


ADIT North America is a leader in strategic intelligence, risk management & business diplomacy.

Economic Intelligence

Today’s global marketplace is increasingly complex, competitive, and high stakes. Building on the over 25 year track record of success of ADIT Group – the European leader in Strategic Intelligence – ADIT North America provides access to a global network of analysts and investigators to help companies, sub-national governments, and investment funds better control their environment and make the best decisions.

To achieve this, ADIT North America gathers on the ground intelligence and analysis to deliver for transactional due diligence, beneficial ownership investigation, ESG advisory services and intelligence gathering for operational decision-making. With the power of ADIT Group and its affiliates, ADIT North America provides unparalleled reach at a time of rising uncertainty and change.

Working directly, or in partnership with legal counsel, ADIT North America offers Strategic Intelligence advisory services for:


Trade & Diplomacy

ADIT North America is Canada’s leading specialized export advisory firm for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), sub-national governments, public agencies, and boards of trade.

Our leadership comes from bringing together the strength of GoExport and Salveo in Canada and Mexico into the operations of ADIT North America and ADIT Group globally.

GoExport brings a 15-year track record of helping exporters, agencies and SMEs in Quebec grow their sales by accessing new markets and opportunities around the world.

Salveo has also operated in North America for more than 15 years, offering tailored business development strategies, payroll and HR services, recruitment and outsourced export services for SMEs, sub-national governments and public agencies.

ADIT North America operationalizes your trade and diplomacy needs through our global network of former Ambassadors, strategic advisors, and public affairs experts. This includes Business-to-Government issues and relations with organizations such as the European Union, specialized agencies of the United Nations, and multilateral development banks.

ADIT North America is your gateway to opportunity and operational capacity on the ground in every continent and in more than 27 countries.

Global Compliance & ESG Advisory

ADIT North America, powered by more than 25-year leadership record of the ADIT Group in Europe, offers advisory and operational compliance solutions. We cover anti-corruption, international sanctions and embargoes, duty of care, export control, data protection, emission reporting, and a range of transparency and operational measures aimed at minimizing risk and ensuring compliance with current laws, international regulations, and best practices.

With the realignment of global supply chains, increasing use of sanctions, and global tensions related to conflict and war, the public expects a higher degree of internal training and reporting standards for corruption prevention, human rights adherence; and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. In North America there has also been an evolution of corporate social responsibility expectations to include ESG; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); and Indigenous reconciliation.

ADIT North America offers clients with a team of investigative, legal, and strategic advisors able audit and advise on an organization’s strengths and weaknesses regarding compliance issues broken down by jurisdiction. We also offer ESG audit and advisory services to develop internal measures and goals or to respond to shareholder advocacy, capital markets expectations or brand reputation issues.

Cyber & Business Security

ADIT North America is uniquely positioned to offer both business security advisory services and global operational security services around the world. We are an industry leader with the ability to advise you on tangible and intangible security protections and physically protect your people and assets from risks on the ground in challenging or unstable parts of the world.

Reducing uncertainty and mitigating risks for operators and organizations around the world means the ability to protect interests, secure intellectual property, preserve secrets and stay ahead of a rapidly evolving risk environment. We do this by leveraging ADIT Group and our affiliates GEOS and Mind Technologies.

GEOS has 20 years of experience developing security plans and operating in sensitive geographical areas. Its main mission is to enable clients to operate in challenging geopolitical locations without the environment endangering staff or assets. From close protection VIP security to on-site security at remote facilities or strategic assets like ports and airports, GEOS can tailor the plan and operations to fit the risk environment.

Mind Technologies is a European leader in the development of tailored cybersecurity protection programs for the private and public sectors. Their work can include audit, design, installation, and maintenance of cybersecurity operations.

ADIT North America also offers advisory and operational services for fraud investigations, risk analysis, brand protection, and anti-counterfeiting operations.